More Space System – Organization

Intelligent combinations of More Space products that create a single versatile workstation design.
These complete sets of products include everything you need to maximize space and increase productivity.

NOVUS Office Toolbar

Ideal for a basic workspace. Includes a NOVUS SlatWall, LiftTEC Arm I, and a convenient paper tray and pen cup. [learn more]

NOVUS Business Combo

Designed for mobility. Free up valuable desk space and connect quickly with a laptop holder and monitor arm. [learn more]

NOVUS Office Max

This set takes organization to the next level with a SlatWall, organizational trays, and an ergonomic LiftTEC monitor arm. [learn more]

NOVUS Office Wall

Lift a monitor and organizational accessories completely off the workspace. Includes a SlatWall, TSS monitor arm, and 3 paper trays. [learn more]

NOVUS TSS Wall Station

Ideal for shared, busy work areas where space is limited. It’s adjustability and strength are perfect for multiple users. [learn more]

NOVUS Business Board

This set increases organizational possibilities for a clutter-free workspace. Includes two unique sets of organizational trays and telephone holder. [learn more]