Novus CLU Monitor Arms easily glide, turn, and tilt into any view that’s perfect for what you do. Designed with your comfort in mind, these new monitor arms move seamlessly into a personalized viewing position.

CLU I 3 Colors

The Novus CLU I is designed to enhance comfort by elevating a monitor to its ideal viewing position.

CLU II 3 Colors

The Novus CLU II is designed with a taller, longer profile to elevate a larger monitor into a comfortable viewing position.

CLU III 3 Colors

The Novus CLU III is designed to easily move into a very low viewing position that’s ideal for comfortable touch screen use.

CLU Duo 3 Colors

The Novus CLU Duo is designed for easy alignment of two monitors for comfortable side-by-side viewing.

CLU Base Mounts 3 Colors