LiftTEC® monitor arms can be positioned perfectly with just one hand. Equipped with Gas Spring Technology, LiftTEC® uses the weight of the monitor to move smoothly and gently, staying where you put it, for a personalized ergonomic fit.

The long, slender lines of LiftTEC® enhance any space with a touch of style. Anodized aluminum construction make these graceful monitor arms deceptively strong with individual carrying capacities of up to 33 lbs.

LiftTEC® arms can be added to any TSS column, SlatWall, or toolbar, expanding your workspace design possibilities. All LiftTEC® arms are equipped with QuickRelease monitor mounts and cable clips to ensure an organized appearance.

Novus LiftTEC / LM Monitor Arms

LM Arms & Mounts

These highly versatile monitor mounts are very similar to the LiftTEC® yet don’t contain an internal shock. They feature various adjustment joints and include a QuickRelease monitor mount.

LiftTEC® Arms

Featuring Gas Spring Technology, these extremely versatile monitor arms can be easily adjusted with one-handed operation. The entire arm can be rotated 360° for easily sharing your screen.