NOVUS MY Accessories

NOVUS MY Accessories

Increase the versatility of your NOVUS MY set with the addition of a My accessory. Whether your adding a second monitor or tablet for efficiency, or raising your keyboard for convenience, these German Engineered products offer quality and durability for all your needs.

Novus MY fix monitor mount

MY fix

Support mount for adding a second monitor to your MY set. Features tilt/turn angle adjustment.

Twin Fix


For easily changing monitors without tools. Can be attached to all NOVUS support arms and mounts.

MY tab

Quick release mount for holding tablet PCs. The MY tab can be attached to all NOVUS support arms and mount.

MY arm

Aluminum multi-joint extension arm with mount to easily adjust monitor tilt/turn angle and distance.

Twin Fix

MY notebookarm

Elevate a laptop weighing up to 11 pounds and tilt to the perfect viewing and typing angle.

MY SlatWall

For use with the NOVUS SlatWall, this accessory allows for a single monitor mount with vertical adjustments.

MY wall rail

Available in three lengths, it attaches securely to a wall and accepts MY arm and MY fix monitor mounts.

twin arm

MY cable clips

Fits any MY column or arm to keep cables neat and organized.