Novus Heavy Duty Staplers

Novus Heavy Duty Staplers

Novus Heavy Duty Staplers are the preferred choice among professionals throughout the World. These rugged tools are capable of continually stapling large quantities of paper with minimal effort. Designed and developed in Germany, they will exceed your expectations and improve performance and efficiency in the workplace.

The Novus Heavy Duty Series can staple between 100 and 210 sheets of paper at a time. They feature an innovative Anti-Blocking System (ABS) which prevents the possibility of a staple jam and having your documents stuck to the stapler. A dual staple guide system further ensures trouble-free performance by providing even pressure on the staple legs until they clinches your documents.

Most models offer an automatic bypass system which provides the convenience of using larger staples on smaller projects. A sliding adjustable depth guide allows you to set the staple location and ensure you clinch your desired depth on each and every document.

For optimal performance, we recommend using Novus Premium Staples. The #23 Super staples are made from a thicker gauge of wire and will ensure your Heavy Duty Stapler performs as designed.


Novus B40 Heavy Duty Stapler


Novus B50 Heavy Duty Stapler


Novus B52 Heavy Duty Stapler


Novus B54 Heavy Duty Stapler


Novus B56 Heavy Duty Stapler